Dale Begley World Outreach


Raised From the Dead Experienced.

Dale Begley was a child eight years old. Tragedy struck: the thief stole his life as he was struck down by a speeding car. It mangled his body and all looked hopeless. But God had something to say.

One night prior to Dale’s Accident, an angel came to Bro. Johnny’s travel trailer (which he used to be alone with God) and led him to the hill on his farm. There the angel would leave him. This happened several times.

On Dec. 16,1961 while on that spot praying Bro. Johnny heard a thump: It was Dale. He had been run over by a speeding car. He ran to the scene at the bottom of the hill. Highway 69&75 divided their farm.

Frantically people had gathered around. They decided to turn the car over for Dale was fastened underneath it. At the scene of the accident, a passing motorist (a registered nurse from Dallas, Texas) took Dale’s pulse. Her reply— ” He’s dead”.

As Dale’s mother climbed into the ambulance, she began praying in tongues. she began ringing the Prayer Bells of Heaven, For the same angel would go with Dale, God wouldn’t let him stay lifeless.

Having arrived at Atoka County Hospital, doctors scurried around the burned lifeless child’s body. After examination, their conclusion was, “Sorry, Mrs. Begley your son is dead. There is nothing we can do.” Left to lay on the examination table, he looked hopelessly burned: leg, arm, face. Parts of him looked like pieces of charcoaled meat.

They asked Mrs. Begley if they could give her a shot to calm her nerves, for the doctor heard her say, ” The One who make him will keep him.” The doctors thought she was overwhelmed by the tragedy and she was out of her head, but she was talking out of her heart.

Then the angel’s went to work and escorted Dale’s spirit back to Dale’s body, approximately twelve hours from the time of the accident back at Atoka.

Dale believes with all his heart that God spared him for one reason– To Preach Jesus and His Gospel.