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November Newsletter

I want to share with you this month a great truth !


The written word is God talking to you; simple yet profound. In Luke 10:42 Jesus said to Martha, Mary hath chosen that good part which shall not be taken away. One thing is needful, he was referring to the word; he said only one thing is needful, if we would  take God’s word literally and believe; yes choose to believe it with no physical evidence then you are walking by faith not by sight. You cannot walk by sight and walk by faith at the same time, you are always doing one or the other. Everything in the sight realm(which we see, touch, feel) is temporary or subject to change. Walking by faith is looking at eternal things, that are not subject to change this is what Paul told the  saints at Corinth to do. Take notice of 2 Cor. 4:18 while we look Not at the things are seen but at the things which are Not seen, for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal. We need to train ourselves not to focus are talk about the problem, but to focus and talk the answer. We rejoice often when we see change in our circumstances; but faith rejoices with the ( Jericho) walls are still standing. If you only rejoice when you see change (or the wall is down) then you are walking by sight not by faith. Actually real faith is rare you can tell when their mood change, because they are feeling better or things look better. However things can change, but God word is always the same yesterday, today and forever ( Heb.13:8 ) Trust The Lord!!!!


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