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August Newletter

If I would asked most Christians if they wanted to please God their answer be yes of course! Well the only way to please him is by faith, This month’s teaching is called home in the body that phrase is from 2 Cor. 5:6. The next verse is the classic scripture of faith that says, we walk by faith not by sight. As we live for God we need to retrain ourselves not to go by our senses. This includes our emotions, our feelings and negative carnal thinking. So many of God’s people think they are in faith trying to believe God, but you can tell the problem is still inside them. Real bible faith always has an element of joy, rest and peace. For example someone is sick in the hospital in the waiting room all the relatives are sad and crying talking about what songs they are going to sing at the funeral. “THAT IS NOT FAITH” they often get mad at someone in faith that is not sad or crying with them, they will say “Don’t You Care”? They think if I really cared I would be crying with them. I do care enough to use my faith and act like the person is well, even though to the senses he may appear to still be sick. Faith calls him healed and acts accordingly. People don’t need more faith they need to exercise the faith they have. Mark 11:23 Have Faith In God

We here at Dale Begley World Outreach continually pray for you and your family to walk in God’s best!! Amen

Please listen to this month’s CD on “Home In The Body” 

Looking forward to see you face to face in one of our revivals , we pray for you our partners every day for God’s favor to rest upon you and your family.


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