Dale Begley World Outreach

June Newsletter

Dear Covenant Life Time Partner

Grace and Peace be yours in Abundance


God is Good !!!! Our heavenly father knows we have needs ( Matt. 6:32) but the next verse tells us to seek God and put him first all these things will flow to us. The scriptures tells us to honor our parents, this is the first commandment with promise ( Eph. 6:2). Honor  God,  honor our parents,  honor the word  which is Jesus .You can not separate honor from great faith. Grace has provided but faith posses the promise, that is exactly what happened  when you got saved, grace provided salvation before you were even born, but until you heard some word on salvation honor it and believe it you hadn’t yet possessed it. Twice in the gospels Jesus used the statement great faith: Once in Matthew 8 about the centurion who said speak the word only. See how he honored the word that he wanted Jesus to speak. The next place is  Matthew 7:6 about the woman he called a dog ( actually he called her a puppy) she could have been offended, but instead she said yes Lord ( she called him Lord but the  dogs get the crumbs from their master’s table, here you see honor and humidity which are always present when you find Great Faith. Neither one of these two had great knowledge, that’s not where faith comes from, it comes from honor and humidity. Now you know why so many are lacking in faith it’s lack of respect. Jesus said in his own home town he could not: notice it didn’t say he wouldn’t it said he could not, why because a prophet has no honor in  his home town, no honor; no respect, no faith all says the same thing. Let us not fall into unbelieve , let us do what 1 Samuel 2:30 says I will honor them who honor me. Let’s show God how much we honor him by honoring others ( which are his children).


We here at Dale Begley World Outreach continually pray for you and your family to walk in God’s best!! Amen

Please listen to this month’s CD on “Spirit Speaking”

Looking forward to see you face to face in one of our revivals , we pray for you our partners every day for God’s favor to rest upon you and your family.


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