Dale Begley World Outreach

April Newsletter

Dear Covenant Life Time Partner

Grace and Peace be yours in Abundance


We have been preaching now for over 44 years ,we have tried our best to help people receive from God. I have learned by experience that many fail to receive because they want healing or salvation own their on terms. Many folks will tell me I want healing, but I am too busy to come to the meeting or maybe I can come one night. The same person will take off work and sit in a doctor office for hours and follow all of his instruction, yet what comes from God they want it instantly and for them no life style or diet change. People designate their  time and money to what’s  important to them, so many hours a week, so many hours for television or whatever they want to do. Now days many can’t go an hour without checking their  phone!!!!


If we would humble ourselves : repent and be will to do whatever it takes to receive , many more would receive. Once you receive you need a steady diet of hearing the word to maintain and KEEP your healing and salvation ( to stay strong) Whatever you feed will grow good or bad. Hebrew 12-1 says lay aside every weight ( things that are not important) and the sin which does so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us. No one can walk out or finish your race but you. God ask us to put him first , things don’t  go very well if we don’t, my best council to you would be stay full of the word; stay full of the spirit this is what God ask us to do( Eph.5:18  & Col.3:16).


We here at Dale Begley World Outreach continually pray for you and your family to walk in God’s best!! Amen


Please listen to this month’s CD on “ Trails to your Faith”


Looking forward to see you face to face in one of our revivals , we pray for you our partners every day for God’s favor to rest upon you and your family.


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