Dale Begley World Outreach

February Newsletter

Dear Covenant Life Time Partners.

Grace and Peace be yours in Abundance

Last month’s newsletter I shared with you that the Lord instructed me to teach & preach more on faith, Believe me people need to learn to live the faith life, I have a message I  will soon preach and the title is “ Faith Your Servant !´ If you look in the 17th  chapter of Luke about the fifth verse the disciples ask Jesus to Increase their faith; his answer was to USE what faith they already had and it would grow like a seed, then he went on to explain that faith is like a servant out there in the field ( unseen realm) working and that you  should let it serve you like a servant does, Then he said not to worship the faith ( not to make a religion out of it) but we should make sure we feed our faith so it can do the work that God intended. Is not that the way our father operates?  he releases his faith by speaking ( light be) and faith causes it to manifest from the unseen realm to the physical realm. The word says to “ Fight the Good fight of Faith” someone said how do I do that, well in Heb.4-11 it tells us to rest, well do we rest are do we fight here’s the answer let us labour to enter into that rest, our job is to fight or labour to keep ourselves believing and not be  moved by what we see or feel, but what we believe. That’s The Fight: us staying in faith ,many start out believing  but soon they faint because of physical circumstances. Let us learn from Paul who says “ None of these things move me  ( Acts 20-24) instead let’s be moved by what we believe from God’s word.

Listen to good faith preaching for faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the preached word (Rom. 10:17).

Please listen to this month’s CD on” Speaking side of faith”


Looking forward to seeing you face to face in one of our revivals, we pray for you our partners everyday for God’s favor to rest upon you and your family, we love you in the love of the Lord

Get Ready!! Get Ready!!! Get Ready !!! The Best is yet to come, let’s pray one for another.

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